Economy Roller Grilles

The Knightguard® Econolink is the most popular Roller Grille, providing a strong security barrier against physical entry, at an economical cost.

Econolink drawing edited 1Econolink Roller Grilles are popular for retail stores and bar or food counters, as they offer both security and visibility, to discourage potential intruders. 

The Econolink Roller Grilles are manufactured from heavy duty 12mm OD 6065-T5 extruded aluminium tube, which are connected by reinforced, injection moulded fibreglass links, to increase the strength.  

  • Tubes spaced 45 mm apart, with 3 links per tube 
  • Link placement forms a brickwork pattern at 200 mm intervals
  • Aluminium tubes finished in anodised satin silver
  • Choice of bottom or mid rail location for lock system 
  • Satin Silver Anodised Finish
  • Available with either manual spring balanced operation or high quality tubular motors (depending on size)

Knightguard Econolink hero shot cropped

Econolink Rollergrilles are ideal for shopping malls, providing security without blocking visibility

Bella Capello storefront with Econolink

Another example of a Econolink Rollergrille
securing a store in a shopping mall

Hamlins hill Econlink commercial installation

Econolink Rollergrilles are ideal for commercial settings such as this; rolling away for easy access

Knightguard Econolink on bar

In a bar setting, an Econolink Rollergrille is ideal.  Securing the bar but
not blocking visibility

Econolink cafe closed

Econolink Rollergrilles are also very popular for cafeterias in clubrooms and
halls; offering security and visibility

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