Shutter Grille

Punched & Plain Rollergrilles

Knightguard® Shutter Grilles are manufactured from extruded aluminium slats to provide a heavy duty solution.  

Shutter Grilles provide first class security, maximum strength and a choice of finishes that allow good visibility and air flow, or a solid slat finish for ultimate security. Many customers choose to combine for the best of both worlds. 

Shuttergrille Rectangular Square edited 1

  • Available with high quality tubular motors (depending on size)
  • Suggested applications: shop fronts, shopping malls, bar tops, cafeterias, shop windows
  • Finished in custom powder coat colour or natural anodised (satin silver)
  • Choice of bottom or mid rail location for lock system

Rollershutter rectangular punched open apartment building security

This apartment block Shutter Rollergrille rolls away neatly when it is open

Rollershutter rectangular punched closed apartment building security

The same Shutter Rollergrille provides strong security overnight

Shuttergrille rectangular punched close up of fixing

A close up view of an open Shutter Rollergrille

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