Heavy Duty Roller Grilles

The Knightguard® Ultra Security Roller grille is an ideal security solution for large building fronts, where an attractive but strong, heavy duty security grille is necessary.   

Ultra Security drawingUltra Security Roller grilles are manufactured from heavy duty 19mm OD 6065-T5 extruded aluminium tube, which are connected by high tensile 35mm wide T594 extruded aluminium joints.  

  • Tubes spaced 70 mm apart (centre to centre) with two links per tube 
  • Link placement forms a brickwork pattern at 500 mm intervals
  • Aluminium tubes finished in anodised satin silver 
  • Satin Silver Anodised Aluminium finish
  • Choice of bottom or mid rail location for lock system 
  • Available with either manual spring balanced operation or high quality tubular motors (depending on size)

Ultra Security internal screen installation to protect guns in store

This Knightguard Ultra Security Rollergrille was fitted inside this store to lock away dangerous goods

Ultra Security door protects the glass doors on this store when closed

An Ultra Security Rollergrille provides the main security for this store, whilst still letting customers window shop after hours

Ultra Security Rollergrille in gallery window

This store with high end products is secured with matching Ultra Security Rollergrilles on the windows and doors

Ultra Security screen from inside the shop window secure but visibility still intact

Viewed from the inside, Ultra Security Rollergrilles don't block the view and offer strong security

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